Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Netflix + catching up on past Hero episodes = A 2 in the morning addiction.

Save me...someone pls. I have to be at work at 8:30 A.M. tomorrow, argh!!!!

Will you be there?

April 23rd Matthew Williamson divine collection will be hitting select H&M stores. I am bubbling with excitement. I am about to be a very bad girl! Can't wait. Some of my favorite looks!

View more of his collection: Matthew Williamson

Closet Organizatioin

Monday, March 30, 2009

I have a really small bedroom. I think it's 10X10 and I have a queen size bed, so you can imagine that I really lack walking space. I only have 4 big furniture pieces in my room and I have decided to get rid of my extra large chest. I have had it for a long time and I will be sad to see it go BUT I decided to get a shoe bookcase instead - YIPEE! Getting rid of my chest has made me turn to my closet (which is a decent size) for storage space. While trying to come up with something clever, it hit me....HAT BOXES.

Like the few seen in Eva Longoria's closet

I love vintage hat boxes from the 1950's, you can mix and match the patterns to give it a chic look. I am currently bidding on 2 hat boxes on eBay.

My next closet purchase is a trunk. While I can't afford an antique Louis Vuitton trunk, I will look for something similar to store my off season items and extra blankets and such.

Photos via Google, Flickr, Fashionphile

They're BACK!!!!

I was shaking it while driving on the highway home. I know people passing thought I was crazy but I am loving this song! BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Custom Shirts

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A regular must visit shopping destination in Atlanta is Little 5. I love and support Indie Designers. One of my fave stores is ran by lady who is also a jewelry designer and I think she makes some of the clothes (don't quote me on that). I cannot remember the name of the store to save my life but a lot of industry insiders shop there (Atlanta I will do a post later on places to go when you stop by Little 5 points. Anyhoot, this is one of my favorite pieces, it's a custom button down shirt that doubles as a dress over tights. Here is my hanging out with the beau look:

1. Forever 21 tights 2. Aldo Booties 3. Custom Made Shirt 4. Aldo Earrings 5. Armani Express Cuff

My Beautiful City and My Atlanta Hawks

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My beautiful city - Atlanta

So last night the beau and I went to see the Hawks vs. Celtics. It was a fun evening. I took a much need half day vacation. The beau had to take care of homestead tax business, so I tagged along. I don't like being out in the rain but I had fun. Anyone that lives or ever been to Atlanta knows that the Phillips Arena is attached to the CNN building. The beau bought a sub from Blimpie and I sneaked it in my purse while going through the security check point to get into the game. LOL! Ghetto right. Eh, I don't care. The food prices at the game is ridiculous! Although we lost 99 to 93 I had fun. One of my "I've made it splurges" will be getting season tickets to the Hawks and Falcon games.

Phots via It's Just Ja

When I grow up

One of my blog daily reads, Apartment, TBD , posted dream jobs if there were no restrictions, so I decided to create a post of my dreams jobs.

1. Photographer -
There is something so beautiful about photography. The art of capturing a shot that is stuck in time and cherished for as long as the picture lasts. I envy those with the Canon EOS or Nikon S60 cameras.

2. Chef and/or Restaurant Owner
There was a time when people would ask me what my hobbies are that I would reply, "Going out to eat." Shortly after my response I would get a side eye glance. No really, that is my hobby. I LOVE GOING OUT TO EAT! Trying new restaurants, especially mom and pop hole in the wall places. My girlfriends have made me the go-to person if they want to try a new restaurant out. I would love to combine my passion for food and restaurants into one. One day, I may live out this dream of owning my own restaurant. The beau and I are seriously looking into do this.

3. Salon Owner
Don't you hate when you go into a salon and end up staying there for over 4 hours?! I love my stylist but I have learned to see her on the weekdays or I will be there for an eternity. I want to open a one stop shop for African American women but a high class salon that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Can you imagine a shop where you can grab sandwiches and healthy smoothies and/ or teas?! Yup. Don't steal my business plan. :)

4. Anything in the fashion industry that will allow me to walk the red carpet, sit front row at the exclusive fashion shows, and rub shoulders with the insiders at industry parties. Yes! This would be my ultimate dream job.

5. Newspaper Review Columnist
A few years ago, I was looking into going to school to be a PR with a minor in journalism. I still may. I would love to be paid to travel the world and review several different new products that hit the market before anyone else, especially electronics.

6. Graphic Design Artist/Software Programmer
I would work for Apple in there corporate office either on their Graphic Design or Software Programming dept.

Photos via Google


Hello Blog World. This week has been quite post less. Between the busy work week and my impassable mood swings have prevented me from blogging. I guess we all have those yuck moments, where we are moody and snappy with a **** the world mentality. I am tired and need a job promotion but I guess just having a job is a "promotion" in and of itself. Eh....on to my post.

I used to have several designer jeans but since my excess weight gains ALL of them have ripped add that to my lack of losing weight = no jeans. So currently, there are not all of designer jeans now that come in my big girl size, so I put buying jeans on hold until I lose weight *rolling eyes at that statement*. BUT yesterday I went to Express AND GUESS WHAT?!!!! They had the boyfriend jeans on sale. Originally $79.50 but with 40% off and a 15% off coupon, I only paid $43.40!!!! Hold on, that's not even the exciting part....THEY FIT!

Why does getting a new item rejuvenate a woman? LOL. Something about getting a new item makes me feel like I conquer the world. Meet my running errands get up:

1. Express Boyfriend Jeans 2. Forever 21 striped button down 3. Armani Exchange belt - an oldie but I love this belt 4. Nine West 5. Forever 21 necklace 6. Juicy Couture charm bracelet

Praise Him!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I was going to post about my weekend, my new toy, and a reply post for Apartment, TBD but today was very hectic at work. I am beat! I left the house at 8:20 A.M. and I got home at 8:15 P.M. I have been craving fried chicken all day. Dinner was late but it was GOOOOD! I made fried chicken with a whole wheat pasta salad. To make it a complete meal, I added some fruit. So I have absolutely no more strength except letting my iPod put me to sleep. This is my JAM!I will try to catch up tomorrow, GN.

Loves it!

I remember there was a time when I did not like Kanye West. He is definitely growing on me but he just doesn't strike me as the romantic-going-ou- of-his-way-to-please-his-girl type guy. Am I wrong guys? I am really loving this song, "Knock You Down." It's been on repeat on my Ipod for quite a while and the vid definitely does not dissapoint. It's about time that 2 guys fight over the same woman. I am tired of music videos showing 2 chicks fighting over the same guy! Both ladies are bringing the heat but my goodness Ciara, don't hurt anybody. Her vid is quite risque but I.LOVES.IT!!!

I want really really.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I really want this super wide jumpsuit by Kookai from! Like I really really want this. So many possibilities. I can dress it down with denim jacket or dress it up with some sexy sandals.

Day Look
  • American Eagle Denim Jacket
  • Matt Bernson Gladiator sandals

Night Look
  • Stella McCartney gold heels
  • Forever 21 olive scarf

What a fight.

Jade Goody, reality star - Big Brother UK, passed away today at the tender age of 27 after her highly profiled fight with cervical cancer. RIP.

Photos via

See you at Vickies!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh yeah! I am so stocking up!

*Edit, the offer code is Buy7 and it ends this Sunday.

$800 perfume bottle?

How divine is this bottle by Amethyst Crystal Flacon? But 8 0 0 Dollars? And yes those are real Amethyst Stones on the cap. I think my next fragrance purchase will be the Rock & Rose Couture by Valentino. I fell in love with this scent months ago and just can't not stop day dreaming about it. I am a perfume fanatic.

I don't buy perfumes as much as I used to but here is a picture of my collection. My every day fave is definitely Light Blue by D&G hands down. :

Spring Time!

TGIF! I finally got my lovely Ipod Touch (post coming later), Spring started today, and the weekend is almost upon us. I am a happy woman. I think I may buy me a new fragrance for the Spring Time but check out these lovely ladies. These ladies look absolutely fabulous! They all look very Spring ready!

Jessica Alba Nicole Richie

Omg, Jessica's humongous Fendi diaper bag is too cute and Nicole is the cutest pregnant woman ever. She really glows.

Vanessa Hudgens

Photos via

I'm going to hurl

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First there was Laguna Beach. Then The Hills. Then The City. Those I can understand. BUT when Brody got a show, it got the side eye glance. I could not and refused to watch one episode. AND now Audrina is getting her own show? My goodness. I can't take this anymore. These "reality show" spin offs are getting out of hand. This why I don't watch that much tv. What happened to shows like The Cosby's or Fresh Prince or Martin or Golden Girls, shoot even Alf is better than this mess. I am boycotting tv, lol. Yeah Right.

What were some of your favorite tv shows growing up?

Photo via Google

So sad

It has been confirmed that Natasha Richardson died today after suffering head trauma from a skiing accident. Initially, I could not put my finger on what movie I saw her from until after talking to my mother, who told me she was in Parent Trap. So sad....

Beauty Gratification.....SALE

Bobbi Brown is having a special online sale that started yesterday, March 17th, through the 19th, and will be offering free shipping with any purchases over $60! To take advantage of this amazing offer, visit No code necessary.

One funny chick

Khloe hands down is my favorite Kardashian. She is so funny and she definitely says whatever is on her mind. My kind of girl. Watch this clip of her Chelsea Lately.

Photo via


Checking My Priorities

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My girlfriends and I email each other regularly during the week because that is the easiest way of communicating with each other since everyone is so busy. My bff sent a very inspirational email today regarding keeping up with our goals that we made at the beginning of the year. One of the good things about my blog (for me at least) is that I create a "how am I doing with my goals" at beginning of each month. In a way, it really keeps me accountable of my goals. While I may not complete all of them, it's great to see them in black and white (or even colored texts).

Working out has been a big struggle for me. Growing up I was very athletic. I have an athletic build under all of the layers of fat. I played soccer and ran track in my younger years. It's really hard to remain active in an office environment where you have easy access to the snack machine and your co-workers constantly wanting to go out to eat after work. Over the next few months my plan is to really try to concentrate on working out again. My church has a step class that is beginning next week plus my bff and I are joining a boot camp come April. I am really excited. So that is a snippet of how I plan to achieve my weight loss goal.

If you made a New Year's Resolution or goals that you wanted to accomplish, really try to stick to them this year. Spread your goals out and do mini goals so that way it's easier to achieve that BIG goal.

For example: One of my main goals this year is to create an emergency fund between $1000 to $1500. When I first thought of that goal, I just knew it was impossible. I mean I have debt to clear, a school payment to finish, save for my son to travel this summer and the list goes on. But I knew since I don't have a credit card (yeah, me no have cc...I may reevaluate that later) I know an emergency fund is vital. So I created mini goals to help me accomplish this main goal. I am currently saving $150 a month. While that whole amount is not going toward my emergency fund, majority of it will. I have two accounts that automatically take money out each account bi-weekly. So to me, I hardly feel instead of transferring $150 from one account all at once.

I want to apply the same type of method to working out and being healthier. I haven't completely figured it out yet but I really enjoyed this post by Fabulous Financial who is changing her fitness lifestyle. Check it out here.

Hit me up guys and let me know if you had any New Years Resolutions and what are you doing to check off this resolutions this year. In order to be fabulous we have to have our priorities in check. Let's it done ppl!


Monday, March 16, 2009

I am truly the biggest junk food eater known to man. My sweet tooth has lead me to some serious trouble (weight gain and loss of energy). Since I started working from home, I made a declaration to eat 6 small meals a day and cook more often. Well I am still a night owl and it is 10:15 P.M. I had dinner 3 hours ago and I am HUNGRY! All I want to do is bake some chocolate chip cookies or a brownie even with some ice cream. I don't want an apple! This is torture! What do you guys do when you want to give in to your sweet tooth?

Don't Know how much I prayed...

Mary Mary you definitely made a jam. This is my song!

Beyonce in Vogue.....

Beyonce in the Vogue Italia March '09 edition looking graceful and very Marilyn Monroeish.

Seperated from birth?

Keyshia's mama looking a hot fool. Come get your mother Keyshia. Mufasa said he wants his mane back.

Photos via TheYbf and Google

Sushi anyone?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I may be late on this but I love love love these Spring '09 Sushi Deluxe Mary Jane Peep-toe double platforms by Ruthie Davis.

How hawt does does she look? A bit stripperish but a hot stripper at that! Check her out at Ruthie Davis

Photos via Ruthie Davis & Google

Fergie's lovely closet

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I knew there was a reason why I liked Fergie! Look at her closet! A woman after my own heart!

How lovely is this closet? Black chandeliers, zebra rug, shelves full of shoes!


So today was my second time waxing my underarms at Hair Images, Inc where I usually get my eyebrows threaded. If I had the balls, I would post before and after shots but I am pretty sure you guys would not want to see them. Ha! When I tell you I hate shaving, I loathe it! One of the first luxuries that I will indulge in when I get some money is laser hair removal. I can't stand body hair and I don't like shaving. If anyone lives in Atlanta please check out Hair Images.

If you have not heard of threading it is a form of hair removal that started in Iran, where a piece of thread is used to remove more than one piece of hair at a time. It's less messy than waxing and quicker than tweezers and definitely more hygienic than razors.

I have been contemplating on waxing my underarms for some time. I was on a forum a while ago where there was a thread discussing tips for lightening up your underarms and many posters said to wax.

While it seems painful (and it is), I convinced myself that the pain is bearable if that meant no more shaving. Plus I have heard the more you wax over time the hair grows back less sooner. Some even say over a few years you can wax every 3 to 4 months! So until I get some loot, waxing it is!

Any ladies wax or thread?

Photos via Google

Watch your back!

Fergie was photographed in these lovely Jimmy Choo's at the March of Dimes event party in New York. Woman watch your back. How hot are these. They really remind me of the Pass Mule wedges by Christian Louboutin.

Plus her hair color change is so refreshing. It brings a certain youthful vibe to her. And her body is banging! Makes me want to go run tomorrow!

Photos via Just Jared
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