Meth & Red explode!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I agree 100%. Women we have to do better. Redman's last comment is so true, "....women are making men pay for their freedom." It's a tough topic especially speaking as a single mother. There are some grimy men in this world and the courts intentions were to protect the innocent from this but we all know how that goes. BUT when you start putting a price tag on your child's happiness is ridiculous.

Honestly though, REAL men do not get the credit they deserve for taking care of their responsibilities. For example, my pops takes care of his home plus 2 kids that are not biologically his but he claims them as his own. Big up to all the men out there taking care of their home. We have to stop letting the government run our homes people. Let's be responsible adults and remember these kids are watching EVERYTHING we do.

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