Trying too hard?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When I saw these pics of Beyonce in Venice, my jaw dropped. It doesn't seem like her style but girl is looking quite fierce. So it brings me to this out of Bey's style element? I've seen her lately with some lovely pieces but I am not sure if I buy the whole trendy look on her. What do you guys think?

The oddest pair...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I never thought these two would run in the same crowd. I like (sorta) both ladies but never pictured them friends, eh.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

I am in need of a grown up vacation. That's right, no job! The beau is turning 30 this August, so what's a better occasion to get away? Since I am not rich, I am currently planning this getaway NOW! I have looked at so many places and am I still indecisive. While on I saw her lovely post about this resort in Southern California called Korakia. I immediately fell in love with the ambiance and the relaxing pics. BUT $350+ per nightly stay is beyond my budget but I think I really do want go to Southern California. Here is what I know what I am looking for, for now:

1. At least a 3 night stay.
2. Destination spots are either California, Arizona, or Las Vegas
3. Bed and Breakfast or Resort style hotel
4. Close to the beach but not far from the city

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Rocking it!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How cute is Dawn Richards new cut? Her weave before was NOT doing it for her. She did a good job holding her composure on the MTB IV Finale. She looked like she wanted to snatch out every strand of weave from Aubrey's head. Lesson to the + Diddy in the picture = Non-Existent. That man is the formula for a disastrous career.

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Such a boring couple. Ben has lost his appeal since marrying Jennifer. He went from one extreme (J Lo) to the next (The Hag).

Photos via Google & next tattoo!

Possibly on my foot? IDK.

Photos via Fashion Daydreams

A room full of gorgeous women....

How gorgeous do these women look. I absolutely love Chloe's blazers. What a hip party.

Dillian Flower Pump

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's not a's a need. Like right now.

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Bootcamp Part Deux

Yesterday was my second day of bootcamp. It was a little better but I still struggled. Last week, we worked out in at a subdivision but yesterday we were at a park. INTENSE. I felt like the slow kid on The Biggest Loser (although everyone else had killer curves). I used to be pretty athletic. I can hold my own when it comes to strength training but endurance runs are not my forte. I do not know how to breath and simply sounded like a fat cow. Everyone thought I had asthma and that I do not have. It was sad but despite it all, I am determined to lose some of this annoying body fat I've been carrying around.

Grandma's getting down!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh yes! July 1st, can't wait! I.A.M. SASHA FIERCE!

Dang it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I hate when my beau is right. So last night, I felt compelled to do some spring cleaning. After moving things around and adding things, I checked out eBay and immediately fell in love with a Vintage perfume tray. I clicked Watch This Item and twittled my thumb for 2 whole hours waiting for the bid to come to near close. Ok, 6 more minutes left. I was going to bid on right before the bid ended and only had less than a minute left and guess what....I missed it. I told the beau and his reply was, "Well maybe that's a good thing....I doubt you needed it anyway." I snapped, "I work hard for my money and will spend it however I please." He hates when I catch a 'tude, so he hung up on me. Being the stubborn woman that I am, I smiled and thought oh well.... I guess I won that fight. I felt bad the next morning, so I sent an "I am sorry but love you text." Hahahaha. Deep down, I still felt that I was right....UNTIL I ready Ms. Fabulous Financial's blog and her words brought me back down to earth.

Excerpt: "I wouldn’t have anything in savings because I’d always think of a reason to spend it. If I viewed every purchase with short term focus and tunnel vision, I could probably “afford” any and everything my heart desired. However, as the reader mentioned, this way of thinking is exactly what creates “paycheck to paycheck” living.I call it the Poor Man’s Mentality - a false or temporary sense of security to justify a poor financial decision. Other variations of the Poor Man’s Mentality include:

1. Earn a decent salary = decide what to buy in terms of the “monthly payment”
2. All bills are paid = think about how to “spend” the rest of the paycheck
3. A little money in the bank = use the “charge” option carelessly"

Read more of it here

This has been a struggle area for me for quite some time now. I feel like when I have extra money in my account it makes me want to spend it. I am so determined to change my mind set BUT dang it's hard. It's hard to think long term gratifcation when eBay and online shopping are just a click away.

A DIY Project: Inspiration board

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

While trying to move things around in my room, I decided to put an inspiration board above my desk instead of the mirror that was currently there. The inspiration board that I have is quite dull boring, so I think I may do this DIY project found on Maya* Made's blog

But instead of using a sack, I think I may recycle a shopping bag. The hard part is trying to figure out which bag I want to depart from...decisions.

For Sale: Rubina Ali

Father of Rubina Ali (younger Latika) is currently under investigation by Mumbai police for trying to sell his 9 year old daughter for millions of the story here

-Absolutely disgusting-

Celebrity Smackdown: Fantasia vs Jennifer Hudson

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jennifer Hudson feat. Fantasia - I'm His Only Woman

Can two powerhouse songstresses be on the same record and it not sound like a shouting match? Well Ms. Fantasia surprised everyone and joined Jennifer Hudson on stage during her concert in Atlanta this past weekend. I cannot really tell what they are saying mind started to wander. Who would win a brawl? My vote is on Jennifer Hudson. There is a lot of pain and pinned up frustration behind those fists, plus home girl is from Southside Chicago. Check out the Youtube clip of their performance.

By the way, this IS my song!

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Atlanta Hawks in the Playoffs

If there is anything you need to know about me...know that I am a die hard HAWKS fan! One of my "I've Made It" purchases will be season tickets. My team made it to the playoffs and yesterday they gave Dwyane Wade and the Heats a good Atlanta butt whooping! So yeah, Go Hawks!

AND - Why is Vick shopping for a reality show? OMG! Read more about it here

Lady Gaga

I remember when I heard her name on The Hills, I think last year, I thought what a strange name. I really try to stray away from mainstream music, like Flo-Ridah and the Souljah Boy movement. I don't think my fingers can move any fast enough (to change the station) whenever I hear the song Pokerface. I am not completely sold on her BUT she is visually stimulating to look at. She comes off as a gimmick. Just like Solange Knowles and her look lately. It seems she tries too hard. Eh, shrug....goes back to listening to the Year of the Gentleman.

PS - I don't think Neyo doesn't get enough credit. This man is talented!

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Must see

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Every once in a while there are some movies,like American Violet, that come out, that challenges you are. It makes you wonder if the life you are living is YOUR VERY BEST? Who are you impacting? I have said so many times that I don't want to just take up space in life but feel like my life has a purpose. When I saw this trailer, I immediately became a fan. I plan on seeing this movie this coming weekend.

Bey and hubby

Beyonce and hubby walking the streets of New York. Not too sure about this get up she's rocking one of my favorite shoes! You can tell chic has dough because some fits other celebs wear to events Bey rocks as casual wear.

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Celeb Look: Hot or Not

Spring Look

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How adorable is this pic....not sure where I got it from but it screams a comfortable& chic spring look.

Photo via "unknown" If owner pls contact me and I will either take down or give credit

Someone's having a great week

Jaw dropping fashion choices for Drew! I absolutely love each choice. She looks so timeless. She looks so happy and that is refreshing to see.


Friday, April 17, 2009

So my High Intensity Training (HIT) bootcamp started today. And boy am I beat! I did not even make it through the entire class. I was getting owned by women in their late 30's and I am sure some were in their 40's. It was EMBARRASSING! The trainer even told me to sit out and get a breather, lol. It started off with a 1/2 mile run and then intense training on a hill with a high incline. One of the exercises was called a piggy back, where you carry your partner up the hill WHILE jogging! I am so proud of myself for at least attempting it. I have to start going to the gym again, so I won't make myself look crazy. Summer body here I come!
I stopped by Bath & Body Works and picked up the Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Wash! I bought a few other things but I have to remind myself not to go their unless they're having a sale. Geez! Happy Friday ladies!

PS - Y'all wish me good luck...I am in the process of POSSIBLY buying my first home. I am looking at something in dwntn Atlanta. A really nice swanky loft. Everyone needs to take advantage of the current housing market and OWN! I am looking at becoming a homeowner by the beginning of '10. It sounds like it's a long time from now but I need to start planning now.

I want these BAD

Thursday, April 16, 2009

H&M has been coming out with some lovely items BUT these! These have been added to my must haves!

Lovely Home

How gorgeous is this home, which is designed by architect James D. LaRue. His designs are so heavenly. Check out his website for more designs.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have a very important 4 page report for work that I need to have emailed out by 9 A.M. tomorrow. I am not close to being done but I have time to stop and chuckle at this....PRIORITIES? Truth be told....I am stressing. I hate reports because I feel Business English is not my strongest suit. I know what I want to say but articulating that on paper with the likes of management and execs, no way. I need some Business 101 classes like PRONTO! But one thing I can say....I am a beast at interviewing. I have mastered the art of selling myself, JEAH!

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*Please bare with me as I try to prevent having a life crisis. My camera broke over the wkend and I don't know what to do. A weekend long full of pics gone. Pictures of beautiful Savannah, GA just gone! Please remember sand and digi cams DO NOT MIX! Hopefully I can save the memory card but I will surely die if my camera is not fixable.*

Tolula Adeyemi

Monday, April 13, 2009


Sunday, April 12, 2009

....Cassie. You are a pretty girl. You can't sing and your only relevance is being Diddy's side trick and wearing fly clothes. I really love this chic's style but her cry for being noticed is pathetic. A side shave? She is too pretty for this. If she wanted to go hard, she would cut most of her hair off then shave the side of her hair. All that gorgeous hair......gone. Eh, she's young. She will learn one day.

Hot nail color though

PS - I am back from my short trip to Savannah, GA. I will do a post tomorrow with pics included about the trip. GN & Happy Easter

Just when...

Friday, April 10, 2009

....I thought I was sorta kinda feeling Christina Milian's hair...she comes out looking like this. Que?

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Random Thoughts

Thursday, April 9, 2009

1. Yum. White Zinfandel

2. I really dislike this man. No seriously. I really do.

3. I can't wait to go to Savannah. Hotel is booked. Itinerary set. Nails done. I is READY!


Last year was my first time in my adulthood that I was on a plane. I don't think I like planes that much(really bad motion sickness) but I definitely want to travel more. I know I want to take the beau somewhere for his birthday, but I need to squeeze in some more places. Here is my must go list:

1. NY - Of course. I have so many friends in the New York it's crazy or New Yorkers that live here in Georgia.
2. Cali - This is where I may move if I am ever bold enough.
3. DC - Georgetown.
4. Seattle
5. Miami

Can you see the trend? I am a city girl. I love big cities and I really want to visit all of these places. I highly doubt all by this year but 3 out of 5 will be great. Where is your favorite must go city when you have to get away?

Say it Ain't So

For the SVU watchers, word on the street is that NBC may can Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni. I hope they don't do that. They are my fave on the show.

April Goals

I have been meaning to post about my March goal progress but I have been quite lazy and I don't really want to see how awful I did last month. I have been in a funk lately and it's quite annoying. I am desperately ready for a change. Something drastic. Like packing my bags and leaving without telling a soul. This month, I want to continue to work out and save money. If I can only accomplish one goal this year...I want to go back to school. I feel like I am dying until I go back.

Goals for the month - April
1. Part time job search.
2. Continue working out at least 3 x's a week.
3. Create a meal plan for at least 4 days out of the week
4. Organize newsletter
5. Hang out with 2 girlfriends this month
7. Increase my savings by $50
8. Pull credit report and work on reducing debt
9. Volunteer
10. Read one book this month

I am at the point in my life, where I have to stop complaining and take control of my life. I no longer know the Ja that I look in the mirror. This new chick is lazy, moody, and does not make things happen. I am playing catch up, but I am ready to do this.

PS - Since my iTouch, I've been wanting an iPhone. I may just have to do it. IDK.

Work Hard....

I need this in my life. This is probably my life quote. Working on the "Being nice to people part." Ha!

Only in Atlanta

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

*BLANK STARE* No comment.

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