Report Card Time

Saturday, January 31, 2009


1) Finish and pay for my taxes Yep! I am in the clear!

2) Change my brakes Nope. Dreading this task, next month

3) Buy 2 MetroPCS phones or find a good deal on a Verizon/Sprint phone (yep that's right, I'm leaving T-Mobile. My 2 year contract is up. I'M FREE!!!!!) Complete. I have officially left T-Mobile and have joined Metro. The phone is crappy and the service sucks. But hey, I'm saving over $80 per month, so it will have to do.

4) Have a pamper me day includes get my nails did (yep...get my nails did), eyebrows threaded, and possibly get my underarms waxed for the first time (yikes) :( Nope. Definitely next month.

5) Go to Ikea and buy 3/4 more packs of wooden hangers - I was going to today but didn't make it.

6) Go to car wash and wash my baby - Check! She's a beaute again!

7) Reduce my Holiday Savings withdraw from $50 to $25, close my online savings acct and open a CD. This is the most fulfilling goal that I completed. I have hustle that I am cooking up. I will discuss further another date.

8) Take the beau to get a massage - Nope. Maybe for Valentine's Day? Hmmmm

9) Hang out with my girlfriend - Eclipse De Luna possibly??? - I am kinda bummed that I could not complete this task. I miss my boo!

4/9? 40% completed task in January. Honestly I feel pretty good. I was able to make major steps in starting the year right. I was able to get my taxes straightened out. Which is the biggest accomplishment! The IRS are no joke, so I am very pleased about that. The second biggest accomplishment was opening up my CD. This will be a tough year financially, so I really need to make sure I budget properly. Although, there are several obstacles that are in the way, if I think smart and live UNDER my means I should be ok! I am one who believes in enjoying life to the fullest but fun doesn't come cheap. So I must think of ways to have fun but still stick to my budget. A girl has to HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE!

I hung out with the fam and saw Mall Cop which was hilarious! I am the biggest KID known to man, so this was a fun flick.

I'm so homesick


She's MINE!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Remember her? Well she is now officially mine! I got her for only $14.49 INCLUDING shipping for a Dolce Vita yellow pump?! I will post pics when she arrives. I can't wait. Nothing beats eBay! This is probably my 4th shoe that I have won under $20! All desinger shoes at that.

Celebrity Friday

Hey Tyrese! Yum.

I am so excited for Taraji P. Henson! I've loved her since Baby Boy (which is one of my fave movies of ALL time....yep I said it). We're seeing a lot of her lately, especially since her Oscar nomination for supporting actress in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Christina Milian sure doesn't make it easy for us ladies. She's always manages to look great and sometimes inexpensively.

So Kimora is pregnant and rumor has it Dijmon and her already married. You can tell he keeps her happy *evil smirk*

Remember Dani Evans from America's Next Top Model? I hope she's getting some good gigs since winning. Does anyone still watch ANTP? I sure don't.

Hey Bey!

How could I forget:


Photo Credits: theybf/stealstyle


I'm starting the year off right. I just opened my CD account with HSBC. I already have a savings account with them but I saw this advertisement and could not resist!

Check them out here: HSBC Online CD

The selling point was the LOW LOW LOW $10 minimum deposit while other banks minimum deposit was starting at $500. I am starting with their 6 month plan. I will try to deposit $50 per paycheck and see how it goes from there! I'm really excited! This year is starting off FABULOUSLY!

Better your techinque

Man! I really really really want to improve my hair care technique. Currently, I am NEED of a wash. I am trying to limit my salon visits and do my hair myself. Since, I've gone natural it has been an annoying process and often I prolong my washes b/c of this simple reason. By May, I want to have my hair care tools COMPLETE, which include:

  • Another flat iron. I bought a Solia from but eh, I am not impressed. I want/need to get a CHI but I heard FHI is better.

  • I need a CHI Blow Dryer

  • A natural bristle brush

  • Serum I currently have the CHI Silk Infusion. I love it but it's almost gone so I need to reup.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner team - Right now I am using Paul Mitchell. No complaints but I want to do some more research and devote to particular brand

  • A good moisturizer

  • Hair vitamins

Be My Valentine

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentines Day is coming. If you have a significant other, what do you plan on doing? Here are a few ideas:

1) Get a couple's massage

2) Take a cooking class together

3) Wine tasting

4) Get professional pictures taken together

5) Quiet night at home with just the 2 of you. Plan a new and different meal together, go to the grocery store together, and then cook together (equally dividing up the work). And then have a candlelight dinner just the two of you with soft music playing in the background.

I personally have NO idea what me and the beau are doing. He hasn't mentioned anything so we shall see. But seriously, what do guys really want for these by of Holidays? They say they don't want anything but if you don't get them something they seem crushed. If I was a guy, here are some things that I thought could work:

1) Bake him his favorite treat. My guy LOVES strawberry shortcakes.

2) Goodie basket filled with cute and personal items (for example, a new toothbrush holder, a picture frame of yourself, pajama's and slippers)

3) Wallet or an electric shaver

4) If you're not married pick a part of his crib and redecorate it. I am leaning toward this idea. Possibly redecorating his bathroom

5) If I can't think of anything else creative, I will resort to the standard cologne or clothes gift.

eBay purchase

I'm currently bidding on these:

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Only $4.99? Wooohooo! I'll keep my mouth shut about any details until I win them!

Keep Calm...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My next purchase is this poster

Photo source Flickr

Room Renovation

I have several projects in works to get my room the way I would like.

My Closet
I am in the process of dewiring my hangers. I want to only have wooden hangers. All from the same company (Ikea). I want to say I am 60% wooden. That's a lot of hangers compared to amount of clothes I have. Since doing this, I have gotten rid of a lot of clothes that I don't want anymore. Here are a few pics of where I am trying to go

Photo source Habitually Chic via Flickr

I need to look out for something like this to house my scarves or I will put them in bins like displayed below.

I love how everything has it's own place. The color coordination and the weave baskets. I have too many shoes, so I am thinking to get rid of my existing dresser and get a bookcase to house my collection of beauties!

Photo source
Laura.Cattano via Flickr

I would like something like this, but of course not in my closet and without the glass shelves.

I am not sure where I saw this pic. Please forgive me for not tagging you. Owner contact if you want me to remove this pic

My bed and desk area to come....

Here comes the bride....

Monday, January 26, 2009

....I've been planning my wedding since I was an early teen. I want a party type reception with good food and LOTS of dancing into the wee hours. Even though I am nowhere close to getting married, I can't help day dreaming about the wedding planning and the getting married. Isn't that what typical young girls dream about? I don't like stiff weddings. I am not a tradionalist, so why bother? While surfing the net, I found these ubberly CAUTE wedding dress that scream Jaja!

This dress is so sexy. I really love the long veil that gives it an innocence slash mystical feel. I like that you see traces of her shoe. Since, I LOVE shoes this dress will show off my love perfectly.

This is dress screams fun. If I picked a dress like this, it would definitely serve as the reception dress. It looks like I can twirl and be free in this number.

Vera Wang Amsale
These are my two faves! Both dresses command attention.

5 Hair Commandments

Friday, January 23, 2009

Originally from Urban Culz

I have found a new website that is full of informative hair guides for women with natural hair. This year I plan on having long and beautifully natural hair.



5. Thou shall moisture like my life depends on it. Moisture is the key to beautiful, healthy, and long curls. Therefore, investing in a good moisturizer and moisturizing routine will keep your curls in optimal condition.
CHECK - I am a moisturizer fiend. I moisturize like my life depends on it. Speaking of I need to purchase some more CHI Silk Infusion Serum. Yum!

4. Thou shall treat my knots with patience. This is a main source of breakage with curly hair. I suggest carefully detangling the hair in the shower with your finger or if necessary a detangling comb or brush. The key is to have patience while detangling, this will prevent a lot of breakage.
NEED Improvement - I am a very impatient woman but I will try to get better.

3. Thou shall never let another salon treat my curls like a second class citizen. That's right, in '09, I refuse to sit in a salon more than 3 hours. I refuse to allow a stylist to ask me to relax or texturize. And more importantly I refuse to pay inflated prices just because I am natural. Nope, not this year-we're in a recession.
CHECK - My Renee from Nelda's Hair Salon in the Omni Hotel is DA BOMB! The woman prays over my hair. Yeah...she's crazy like that.

2. Thou shall treat heat like a two faced friend-with caution. Yes, heat is like a two faced friend-basically sometimes it can be useful, but in the end can be lethal. I recommend using heat no more than one or two times a month. So to all my straight ladies, stretch those blowouts out a little longer.
NEED Improvement - I am so dependant upon using heat because I lack the patience or hair literacy to tolerate otherwise. My goal is to blowout my hair by myself more often. While I am not at point to use heat only once or twice I month, I will limit to once a week straightening iron. I will buy an FHI and try not to use my hot comb. Wish me good luck!

1. Thou shall let it hang loose. Religiously wearing the hair in tight ponytails or buns will cause breakage and in some cases baldness. So don't be afraid to let your hair hang low on occasions.
I'm Almost there - Thanks to my mother who hates when I put my hair in a ponytail...I am getting better at letting her flow!

Go Brit!

Monday, January 19, 2009

It looks like Britney is on her way to recovery. Good for you, go Brit! This woman's body is B-A-N-G-I-N-G!!!

She's a beaute

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I want her. I need her. Oh my!

$218 for an agenda book? Am I crazy for wanting to buy her?

Hermes Ulysse AM notebook
Ok.....what about $230. She's butter baby.

I've got 99 problems and money is one of them

Thursday, January 15, 2009

HA! So today is payday. I got up staggering with a headache and bills on my mind. My paycheck is practically spent even before it was deposited to my account. While I may have limited income, I refuse to let this year fly by and not enjoy the fruits of my labor. Growing up is not easy but life experiences will either whoop your tail or make you into a better person. I prefer the latter myself. While being a single mother, independent, and stubborn I've learned learning to make the best of what I got. How do you still enjoy life on a limited income?

Here are my plans

2) Pay ALL of my bills IMMEDIATELY
Why waste more money and pay late fees. Dodging creditors is never a fun thing since I am not the nicest person when they call, I might as well meet my obligations so I won't ruin their day or mine.

3) Use your mileage wisely.
Ladies, have a beauty day. Instead of getting your nails done one day and then hair done the next. Set up those appts on the same day. For me, my beauty day is tomorrow. I plan on getting my nails done and my eyebrows threaded. Pics to come

4) Do it yourself
To minimize my stops to the salon, I am trying to do these things myself. I will admit that I am pretty hair illiterate but I am definitely learning how to recreate what my stylist does.

5) Have fun and have fun cheaply
If you love going out to eat, find ways to cut the cost. For example, I love Purchase gift certificates for less. Don't be afraid to use coupons. Look through your local newspaper and see what coupons are available for the clipping. If you like going to the movies, buy movie tickets in bulk. You'll save $2 to $3 per ticket. Share the bill. Going out with your significant other? Offer to split the bill. If he is always picking up the tab, he may be less willing to go out.

6) Get in the car and drive
Road trips can be a lot of fun and a great weekend gateway all while saving money. Pack a picnic basket and some hiking shoes and enjoy mother nature.

7) Take classes
Look through your local craigslist or google local happenings. There are a lot classes that you could take, some inexpensive and a lot of them are FREE. I plan on taking some cooking/photography/yoga classes. I'll post when I've found some good ones to take.

Bottom line, while it's definitely smart to save, save, save make sure you take the time out to enjoy life. You live one life. There are no dress rehearsals, no manuals, and there definitely are not any do-overs. LIVE.LAUGH. LEARN!

My babies at Whole Foods at a cake baking class. Cost $10 per child

The CITY!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I am so excited that Whitney finally got her own show. While I love The Hills (TEAM LC), it started to become so boring that I wanted to hang myself. But MTV must have heard my yawn all the from Atlanta, Georgia and quickly put together The City. The girls (cast) from The City run laps around the silicon filled L.A. Girls (well except my Lauren).

I really like Erin Lucas. She's really cute and seems really down to earth. I like the fact that she likes to smile. What's up with women that don't smile? Sheesh, frowning brings wrinkles. So yeah, Whitney of course is my fave then Erin.

Many might not like Olivia Palermo but the chick is F-U-N-N-Y. I guess she's supposed to be a Heidi Montag version frienemy? I think most women are like her or have those Olivia Palermo moments (even me at times...I know shocker), catty, gossipy, jealous, and wanting to be noticed type of woman. Also helps that she's kinda fierce compared to that Heidi Montag chick.

Monthly To-do List

To go along with my 27 things to accomplish this year plan, I will post monthly to-do list. That way, I can try to keep myself accountable in some type of way.

1) Finish and pay for my taxes
2) Change my brakes
3) Buy 2 MetroPCS phones or find a good deal on a Verizon/Sprint phone (yep that's right, I'm leaving T-Mobile. My 2 year contract is up. I'M FREE!!!!!)
4) Have a pamper me day includes get my nails did (yep...get my nails did), eyebrows threaded, and possibly get my underarms waxed for the first time (yikes)
5) Go to Ikea and buy 3/4 more packs of wooden hangers
6) Go to car wash and wash my baby
7) Reduce my Holiday Savings withdraw from $50 to $25, close my online savings acct and open a CD.
8) Take the beau to get a massage
9) Hang out with my girlfriend - Eclipse De Luna possibly???

Walking down the aisle....

Saturday, January 10, 2009 this

HELLO 2009!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am so excited. Why is it things magically change and people feel inspired to become a better person at the start of a new year? We all have those 10 thousand and 11 things we want to change or do different but seem to never manage to complete most of the tasks.

As I reflect on the old, a few things that I have accomplished:

1) Stamp of approval at the J-O-B
2) Rekindle my relationship with my best friend (boy I missed that chick)
3) The beau and I are stronger than ever...I hear bells-a-ringing
4) First plane ride in my adulthood (I know pathetic right)
5) First car payment (my baby.....nothing fancy but a '02 Honda Accord) by my damn self. No parents to co-sign or lend me money

Not the best but it's definitely something

(I got this idea from i'mnotreallyadiva )

27 Things to Accomplish in '09
1. Go to church consistently and get my life right with Mr. G-O-D
2. Spend more time with Mr. Man (my son)
3. Be a better listener and friend to my girlfriends
4. Create a budget and stick with it & pay off 75% of my debt
6. Finish organizing my room & closet
7. Create an emergency fund ($1000 to start)
9. Get a promotion or a 2nd job/hustle (whichever comes first)
10. Travel (D.C to start and then Cali)
11. Get more grown women clothes
12. Cook more
13. Volunteer more
14. Buy a CHI and fix my own hair (grow hair to shoulder legnth)
15. Take more pictures / buy a better camera
16. Don't go 2 to 3 days without blogging. YAY!
17. Look into refinancing my car
18. Run at least 2 5ks this year
19. Get a few more tats and piercings (i know kinda silly right-eh)
20. Create more memories with the beau
21. Learn to bake
22. Floss and brush before going to bed
23. Drink more water
24. Purchase really nice sheets and goose down comfortor
25. Keep up with beauty regemine and wear more makeup
26. Buy studded earrings
Purchase another staple handbag on sale of course

*Just added items in red*

It's Just Ja

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