Finding My Venue: Ambient + Studio

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun Fact: I may have called all of the venues in Atlanta but only viewed one venue.

If you've been following my blog a little, you would know that one of my dearest girlfriends recently got married in November 2010, check out her fabulous dress here. During her wedding preparation, I strolled upon the Ambient + Studios. I contacted the Operations Manager, Jason, around May of last year. I loved the space so much, I tried to live vicariously through my girlfriend but she had her eyes on The Little Garden (which was a lovely venue), so I stored this venue in the back of memory.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year. After my engagement, I started my planning my wedding. Originally, I wanted a rooftop wedding but majority of the wedding venues in Atlanta that had a rooftop came with a hefty price tag aka an onsite caterer. I knew that since I was a DIY bride that was under a strict budget, those venues were way out of my price range. So I looked up several different type of venues; Summerour Studios, King Plow, The Puritan, The Pink name it, I looked them up. And again, most of these venues had an onsite or preferred caterer that I just could not afford.

Then I had an aha moment. I remembered the Ambient + Studios! I toured the venue for the first time in January with the fiance. The Ambient is a 10,000 square feet of raw space. I must admit when I first saw the venue, I was overwhelmed but I still could not stop thinking about this venue. It was around April, that I finally made my decision that this was the venue for me but I still had anxieties how to translate this beautiful and empty canvas into MY dream wedding.

My Wedding Journey

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Please forgive me for practically abandoning my blog. Is anyone still reading or following my little space? Well if you are, you are seriously in for a treat! You can officially add my name to the hundreds and hundreds of other personal wedding blogs. I feel like my wedding plans are finally turning out to be such a unique and fun experience that I just felt it was only right to share with the blogasphere (well at least I think so). We have some major catching up to bare with me as I try to juggle work, buying a new house, life and trying to blog. My goal is to post up several postings within the next couple of days! I am so excited! Till are some pictures of my ladies from a photoshoot we had.

Rock & Republic skinnies, Forever 21 blouse, BCBG pumps

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