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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hi I am Ja, and I am addicted to eBay. An addiction that I do not want to be cured from. I eBay EVERYTHING. If I want to buy a goose down pillow, I check eBay first. A new wallet, eBay...work out shoes, eBay. You catch the drift right? I have had quite a few people ask me how to search for rare vintage finds on eBay. I don't really know or even think I want try to figure out the method to my madness but we can certainly go "window shopping" together. Here are some items on eBay that make me swoon. Enjoy!

1. Vtg Black Batwing Open Back Dress | $43 {1d 7h 23m}
2. Vtg Pastel Pink Beaded Pleat Dress | $11.50 {5d 22h 0m left}
3. Vtg Black Leather High Waist Pants | $92.00 {Buy it now}
4. Vtg Red Chiffon Halter Polka Dot Dress | $132.00 {Buy it now}

1 comment:

Catherine * The Spring said...

Those leather pants are amazing - I really admire your curatorial eye on this site! And... congrats on your engagement!
- Catherine at The Spring

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