Dear John Letter: Kelly Rowland

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Ms. Rowland,

Can I let you in a secret? While I will stan all day and night for POW-ON-CE, you secretly was my fave. Your style was impeccable and your beauty was undeniable. We all know that Father Knowles has been unfair. He's made you fall back in Ms. Sasha Fierce's shadow. Yes hun, I get it. But it's now your time to shine. No more Papa Rule the World telling you what to do. I used to save all of your paparazzi pics and swore that you never would have a bad day until.....

*clears throat*

What in zee earth? Has your stylist gone mad? Did Matthew put some evil weave spell on you? Were you given Beyonce's hand me down weave collection? I am just in shock. I understand that everyone has a bad weave day (because Lord knows I have had a few). Let's just hope this doesn't happen again. Please go back to the fashionably chic Kelly I know!


The Kelly I am used to seeing

Photos via google, personal collection, Kelly Rowland Web


simplychic said...

I have the picture on the bottom left saved on my desktop for when/if I am brave enough to get a weave.

Jajababy said...

Ha ha, Kelly and Jill Marie are my weave go to's. They sport the cutest weaves but since I went natural that sorta came to a halt.

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