Celebs Blogging?!

Friday, June 12, 2009

So, I still find it funny that celebs blog or participate in social networking. I can understand that it is another form of free advertisement or for some paid advertisement BUT when you have the likes of Bow Wow, T-Pain,Young Joc and even Kelis twittering jibber jabber it becomes quite annoying. I do not do social networks (I guess because I am anti-social) but the stupidity that comes from their mouths is bewildering to say the least.

These celebs and their miscontrued ways are less than humerous. A lot of them cry for privacy but then they willing put their business on front street. If you know you have an outlet for ridicule...man up and take the good with the bad.

For example; Tameka Raymond why would you have a twitter account? When you know you will have those to take shots at you and gold digging tramp whoring ways? AND then call ppl haters when they come at you. If you can't take the heat....stop promoting it. We all know drama sells. Either stay out of lime light, get Mathew Knowles to do your dirty work (like Bey-ONCE), or pay it no mind.

You don't see Will Smith or Denzel twittering do you....googling to make sure I am right.

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