Bebe Kardashian Line - FAIL

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ok, I will be the first one to admit that I was addicted to Bebe when I was younger and when I didn't know any better. But seriously, I am not paying $80-250 for this mess. You cannot be serious. I don't know every time I think of Bebe, Arden B, or Guess, I cringe. They are way too gaudy for my test. It's an expensive Forever 21. But I will give it to them for their marketing strategy. The Kardashians are a "hot commodity", so they might as well capitalize while the frenzy. I heard the line is almost sold out. But then again when you think of Bebe you think of the Kardashians. Like one of my girlfriend's love to say, HOT MESS!


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Anonymous said...

I agree...definitely a major fail. But then again what should we expect, lol. Great Blog!!!

Anonymous said...

you must hate it because your probably 1. dont look good in them 2. too fat.

Jajababy said...

Lol, I hate it because it's poorly designed. I stopped wearing Bebe in high school. Your comment is a joke.

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