Highly Annoyed

Monday, November 9, 2009

So, over the past week I've been eBay shopping, or at least trying to. You see ask most eBay addicts, they like to bid on the auction they want seconds before the bid ends. You do that, to lessen the competition and beat out other bidders. I prefer to "Watch" each auction that I want to buy. The annoyance factor, comes when I forget to go back to that auction, minutes before the bid is over. I have missed out on some really good deals because I simply forgot to back to that auction. Better luck next time. Argh!

  1. Vintage Disco Dress with Metallic Puffed Sleeve $14.99 - Ended with no bids
  2. A new Banana Republic Cocoon sweater $22.49 - Ended with 11 bids
  3. Vintage Black Studded Bandage Cut out Dress $0.99 - Ended with 1 bid
  4. Kurt Geiger Red Satin Flats $6.00 - Ended with 5 bids
  5. Suede & Silver Chain Necklace $39.99 - Ended with 0 bids
  6. Vintage Gold Bib Necklace $7.50 - Ended with 4 bids
Grand Total = $91.96

*not including shipping & handling of course*

images via eBay.com


xoliquoricexo said...

AHHHH, would cut a bish (lol) for several of those pieces! j'adore! and ebay is bad for my blood pressure. s i g h. can't even remember what i googled that led me to your blog but it's super cool and i'm loving it!


J said...

What an awesome buy that would've been. How do you find these things? Do you search for each item specifically or do you just look in clothes, etc? School me girly. I'm an ebay retard. lol

Jajababy said...

LOL! You know what, I have broken it down to a science. It's pathetic. I am on eBay ALL the time!

I will do a detailed post on eBay buying.

The Queen of Hearts said...

Sometimes, if you contact the seller even though the auction has ended, they may still sell you the item! They can just send you a PayPal invoice for the item in question and once you pay, it is just as binding as though you won the item through an eBay auction.

J said...

Please do. I was browsing the other day and got lost in it. lol I want to learn. :) Thanks Girl.

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