After Christmas Sales

Thursday, December 24, 2009

...and it's not even Christmas yet.


My favorite boutique in Atlanta, K-LA

Note to self, buy everyone gift cards next year, so they can take advantage of the sea of multiple sales that take place after Christmas eacy year.

I haven't been in the Christmas mood. I slacked off and bought crappy gifts. I feel horrible. I don't know why. I hate the underline pressures of gifting and buying presents have taken away the real meaning of Christmas. I want to get away from buying people gifts on this holiday. I feel it's a time to take a personal inventory and devote your spare time in volunteering....but I digress.

*The best time to get a good deal for Christian 's, shoot any major designer shoe for that matter, is after Christmas. Can you believe that if you shop wisely you can get a pair of CLs for around $300?! I told myself the same thing this time last year I would buy a pair but of course that's not happening. BUT next year, Mr. CL you will be mine.*


simplychic said...

i participated in the barney's sale! it was my gift to myself. can't wait to open it tmw.

with that said, i totally agree with you on the gift thing. this year, if you were over the age of 10 you didn't get anything for me. we all need to get back to the true meaning of christmas and stop stressing abt what to get who!

Jajababy said...

Ha ha!!! Oh what did you get?!!!

I told my beau that when we get married, we will be traveling away from the states around this time, so we can get away from all this. The good thing though the emphasis on family.

It's crazy I finished my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago but returned a lot of stuff today b/c I didn't feel like it "met my standards" of gifting. I buy as though I am buying for myself. I have a LARGE family so to do that is expensive.

Merry Christmas hun!

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