OMG: When Fashion Goes WRONG!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This has to be one of the funniest pictures that I have seen. Who approved this? Who let Pamela Anderson come out of the house like this? Did she think she was "doing it up?" What ran through her mind? Did she actually think she was going to "check" those young broads? Where did the child come from? Why does she look like she was forced to hold this dress? Is this really a dress? Was it fabric that she picked up at the last minute and decided to wear it but forgot that it needed to be sewn? Oh goodness, so many questions. This was captured at 6th Annual Hollywood style Awards, which took place in October. I ran by picture while surfing. It was funny when I saw them in October and even funnier now. Oh goodness, that child looks frightened.

photos via Google

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Jen said...

well it's Pam anderson can't expect much from hey eyy
check out my blog plz n lemme know what you think :) thanks

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