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Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's up blogging world?! Sorry for the lack of posting. Things have been a little crazy on my end...ha ha. Strike that. It hasn't been crazy. I have just been lazy to blog and kinda pre-occupied with other things.

A while ago, I blogged that I may start on a new business venture. Well, I have been reevaluating that goal. When I decide on a business venture I try to weigh the pros vs. cons and I want to make sure that I go into something fully prepared. 

I love anything that ensues creativity, organization, people if I do not persue that exact business it will be in the same neighborhood.

With that being said, my mother is having a 51st birthday party and graduation party that I am hosting. It has been a struggle based on the budget but since I am a DIYer, I gladly except the challenge. With the limited budget and time crunch, I may not post as much as I would like but I will try to blog about the experience.

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