Going to Ikea

Friday, February 6, 2009

TGIF! Only 6 mores of work and I am FREE!!!!!

The beau and are going to Ikea tomorrow. Here is MY shopping list:
1) 2 sets of these boxes - Since I am getting rid of my ridicoulosly big dress, I will house my undergarments in these boexes. I will probably line it with some, I think?
2) The stand - I can line my addiction for bangles

3) I want to get a dish to put next to my dress for my knick knacks. This might work.
4) My beloved wooden hangers. I will probably pick up 4 pks.

5) I need to buy 2 bookcases for my shoe collection and get one for the son's room.

Goal: Spend NO MORE than $100

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