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Friday, February 27, 2009

Omg....I hate not giving in to my shopping addictions. Yesterday I treated myself to a pedi. Rule of thumb never go get your nails done if you're in hurry....because I made the mistake of letting a new girl give me a pedi and she was HORRIBLE! Crap. She ruined my entire experience. While she was very nice, she acted like she was scared to touch my feet (and I must say, I have very pretty feet...i know quite vain huh.) Anywho, I don't know about you but me I want them to SCRUB my feet. Put your back into it, kinda scrubbing. So lesson learned, next time I will wait on you Amy but never again set me up with the new girl. I tip and I tip well ($4 to be exact) and I expect the best service from my pedicurist.

So on to my shopping addiction...I went to TJ Maxx to look around. I don't even remember why I went there. I loathe their clothes. No really I do. I only buy clothes for my son, shoes, and/or housewares. So yeah...I lingered to the shoe department. Not really expecting to see anything that would catch my eye. And then I see it....a gladiator like Jessica Simpson sandal. I tried her on and it was a perfect fit. So I continue to walk around with one of their shoes on and on the other foot my pedicure flip flop. Then bam, another beaute. This time it's a Cole Haan flat in a bone color. I stop dead in my tracks. I calculate how much I think the shoe is...$60 at least I say to myself. I turn the shoe around and to my surprise $20! TWENTY FREAKIN DOLLARS!!! Then bam again, I see at least 3 other pairs of shoes that are itching to go home with me. I quickly run out of the shoe department with a cart full of 6 pairs of shoes! I walk around a bit while I hear my conscience whopping my arse. "Get out of the store." "You don't need them." "Put them back." By this time I am giving myself any and every excuse to buy 6 SHOES. I do the math and think well Ja, "you have an extra $200 cushioning this next pay check. You can do it. Treat yourself woman, YOU DESERVE IT."

I give in to my conscience and leave the cart while quickly walking out of the store. I hate being good. I want to be BAD! VERY VERY BAD! Oh swell.

I want to adapt a different shopping idea. Instead of buying 6 cheap shoes, I'd rather buy 1 classic shoe that I will cherish forever. So with that said I am going to now browsing through eBay and see what jewel I can find.


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