Spring Cleaning

Monday, February 16, 2009

I am off today, so what a better opportunity to do some clean springing in the roomie. I have completed my work area and nightstand. So I took a break to take some pics:

I really don't like my work area and that's the problem with having a small space. I really have to be creative. My beau bought me a jewelry armoire for VDay, so it will replace the ever so tacky plastic jewelry thingy. I need to buy some shelves & get an inspiration board and I may be complete.

It seems a bit cluttered still, so I may move the mirror and get a smaller vintage mirror to replace it. Possibly will move the vase and get a different candle stand. The Ipod stand and lamp stays.

1. The Little Pink Book of Elegance - Jodi Kahn

2. The Audacity of Hope - Barack Obama

3. The Beauth of Color - Iman

4. A Beautiful Life - Kevyn Aucoin

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