Sunday, February 1, 2009

I went to H&M to return some Christmas gifts and I practically wanted to cry. Even though I was in the store for eh 5 minutes and 28 seconds (so kinding) it felt more like an enternity. Oh not having money is SO hard. I just wanted to run around the store like a kid at a toy store and yank clothes of the shelf while kicking and screaming MINE MINE MINE. Ok, so exagerating but you get what I am saying, right? Lovely spring colors, YSL like heels, scarfs scarfs scarfs? Argh what is a girl to do? FOCUS Ja. Delayed gratification is all that I tell myself. In due time, I will be able to go into stores and just wild out without thinking about a budget.


GN blog world!

*PS...I leave with some shoe porn*

Dolce Vita on sale for $67 @ Shopbop and in my SIZE!

Dolce Vita Vaughn Lace Up Platform Pump

How cute are these ? Very springish!

Lanvin Cap Toe Sneaker

Count on Bebe to copycat LV. But they're kinda cute, right?

France Suede Platform Wedge

Now this is so ME!

Theory Marin Crisscross Zipper Sandals

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