Dang it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I hate when my beau is right. So last night, I felt compelled to do some spring cleaning. After moving things around and adding things, I checked out eBay and immediately fell in love with a Vintage perfume tray. I clicked Watch This Item and twittled my thumb for 2 whole hours waiting for the bid to come to near close. Ok, 6 more minutes left. I was going to bid on right before the bid ended and only had less than a minute left and guess what....I missed it. I told the beau and his reply was, "Well maybe that's a good thing....I doubt you needed it anyway." I snapped, "I work hard for my money and will spend it however I please." He hates when I catch a 'tude, so he hung up on me. Being the stubborn woman that I am, I smiled and thought oh well.... I guess I won that fight. I felt bad the next morning, so I sent an "I am sorry but love you text." Hahahaha. Deep down, I still felt that I was right....UNTIL I ready Ms. Fabulous Financial's blog and her words brought me back down to earth.

Excerpt: "I wouldn’t have anything in savings because I’d always think of a reason to spend it. If I viewed every purchase with short term focus and tunnel vision, I could probably “afford” any and everything my heart desired. However, as the reader mentioned, this way of thinking is exactly what creates “paycheck to paycheck” living.I call it the Poor Man’s Mentality - a false or temporary sense of security to justify a poor financial decision. Other variations of the Poor Man’s Mentality include:

1. Earn a decent salary = decide what to buy in terms of the “monthly payment”
2. All bills are paid = think about how to “spend” the rest of the paycheck
3. A little money in the bank = use the “charge” option carelessly"

Read more of it here

This has been a struggle area for me for quite some time now. I feel like when I have extra money in my account it makes me want to spend it. I am so determined to change my mind set BUT dang it's hard. It's hard to think long term gratifcation when eBay and online shopping are just a click away.

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