Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last year was my first time in my adulthood that I was on a plane. I don't think I like planes that much(really bad motion sickness) but I definitely want to travel more. I know I want to take the beau somewhere for his birthday, but I need to squeeze in some more places. Here is my must go list:

1. NY - Of course. I have so many friends in the New York it's crazy or New Yorkers that live here in Georgia.
2. Cali - This is where I may move if I am ever bold enough.
3. DC - Georgetown.
4. Seattle
5. Miami

Can you see the trend? I am a city girl. I love big cities and I really want to visit all of these places. I highly doubt all by this year but 3 out of 5 will be great. Where is your favorite must go city when you have to get away?


LipstickOne said...

when you're in nyc, we should grab a drink! :) i'll do your make-up..

Meya said...

cali is awesome and expensive but awesome! i live in san diego and im surrounded by so many beaches and can't complain about the weather =]]

Jajababy said...

LipStick1- That sounds like a plan. What part of NY are you in?

Meya - Hmmmm....I was thinking to my bf to Cali for his bday. What city do you recommend for us to go. He loves the beaches...I love the city. Any suggestions?

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