Lady Gaga

Monday, April 20, 2009

I remember when I heard her name on The Hills, I think last year, I thought what a strange name. I really try to stray away from mainstream music, like Flo-Ridah and the Souljah Boy movement. I don't think my fingers can move any fast enough (to change the station) whenever I hear the song Pokerface. I am not completely sold on her BUT she is visually stimulating to look at. She comes off as a gimmick. Just like Solange Knowles and her look lately. It seems she tries too hard. Eh, shrug....goes back to listening to the Year of the Gentleman.

PS - I don't think Neyo doesn't get enough credit. This man is talented!

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Mary Gold said...

I agree... Ne-Yo needs more credit and Pokerface needs to be played less!! =)

Tamstyles said...

I love her..she isa get it girl!

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