Natural Deodorant

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Has anyone tried them. So far I have tried 2 types and they both do not do what they promised: Control sweat. Aluminum is not good for you but it's the main ingredient in antiperspirant deodorants.

The first natural deodorant I tried was Origins No Offense. Since this is the skin care line that I use, I thought I would try out their deodorant. The deodorant smells nice and will guard against BO ONLY if you do not have an active day. So the days I do minimal activity it works great but it doesn't hold up if I am active.

The second deodorant I tried was Naturally Fresh deodorant spray that I bought from GNC. I have heard so much about the Crystal roll on, so when I saw the spray I wanted to try it out. Same result as Origins but I think I prefer the Origins deodorant over the Naturally Fresh deodorant spray. I am not sold on using a spray to control sweat. So until I find something better, it's back to Secrets deodorants for me.

Has anyone tried natural deodorants? If so, do you like them? Which one works for you?

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