Nod and smile

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Man. Sometimes I can be the most anti-social person. Idk, there is nothing more refreshing than being by myself doing NOTHING. I am off today and guess what, I have not changed out of my pajamas. I have not left the house well only to get some McD's (I love that place.) I have moved from my bed to the couch back to my bed. No tv. No phone ringing. Nothing. Just myself and my thoughts. I currently still live at home. I am saving money to get my own place but O M G. I think it's unnatural for adults to still live at home with their parents after 25. It makes no sense. I love my family but they drive me nuts. I can only nod and smile for so long. LMA (leave me alone.) You are interrupting my alone time. Ha ha. My mom always jokes around that she has no idea how I will be if I get married with my type of attitude. I agree. God bless the man that wants this death sentence, lol.

I am going to Savannah, GA this weekend. I am so stoked. CANNOT WAIT. River Street, Paula Dean's restaurant, small shops. I am getting so excited just thinking about it. I could see Savannah being a summer home for me.

Just Gawjus!

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