Report Card Time

Saturday, January 31, 2009


1) Finish and pay for my taxes Yep! I am in the clear!

2) Change my brakes Nope. Dreading this task, next month

3) Buy 2 MetroPCS phones or find a good deal on a Verizon/Sprint phone (yep that's right, I'm leaving T-Mobile. My 2 year contract is up. I'M FREE!!!!!) Complete. I have officially left T-Mobile and have joined Metro. The phone is crappy and the service sucks. But hey, I'm saving over $80 per month, so it will have to do.

4) Have a pamper me day includes get my nails did (yep...get my nails did), eyebrows threaded, and possibly get my underarms waxed for the first time (yikes) :( Nope. Definitely next month.

5) Go to Ikea and buy 3/4 more packs of wooden hangers - I was going to today but didn't make it.

6) Go to car wash and wash my baby - Check! She's a beaute again!

7) Reduce my Holiday Savings withdraw from $50 to $25, close my online savings acct and open a CD. This is the most fulfilling goal that I completed. I have hustle that I am cooking up. I will discuss further another date.

8) Take the beau to get a massage - Nope. Maybe for Valentine's Day? Hmmmm

9) Hang out with my girlfriend - Eclipse De Luna possibly??? - I am kinda bummed that I could not complete this task. I miss my boo!

4/9? 40% completed task in January. Honestly I feel pretty good. I was able to make major steps in starting the year right. I was able to get my taxes straightened out. Which is the biggest accomplishment! The IRS are no joke, so I am very pleased about that. The second biggest accomplishment was opening up my CD. This will be a tough year financially, so I really need to make sure I budget properly. Although, there are several obstacles that are in the way, if I think smart and live UNDER my means I should be ok! I am one who believes in enjoying life to the fullest but fun doesn't come cheap. So I must think of ways to have fun but still stick to my budget. A girl has to HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE!

I hung out with the fam and saw Mall Cop which was hilarious! I am the biggest KID known to man, so this was a fun flick.

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