Monthly To-do List

Monday, January 12, 2009

To go along with my 27 things to accomplish this year plan, I will post monthly to-do list. That way, I can try to keep myself accountable in some type of way.

1) Finish and pay for my taxes
2) Change my brakes
3) Buy 2 MetroPCS phones or find a good deal on a Verizon/Sprint phone (yep that's right, I'm leaving T-Mobile. My 2 year contract is up. I'M FREE!!!!!)
4) Have a pamper me day includes get my nails did (yep...get my nails did), eyebrows threaded, and possibly get my underarms waxed for the first time (yikes)
5) Go to Ikea and buy 3/4 more packs of wooden hangers
6) Go to car wash and wash my baby
7) Reduce my Holiday Savings withdraw from $50 to $25, close my online savings acct and open a CD.
8) Take the beau to get a massage
9) Hang out with my girlfriend - Eclipse De Luna possibly???

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