I've got 99 problems and money is one of them

Thursday, January 15, 2009

HA! So today is payday. I got up staggering with a headache and bills on my mind. My paycheck is practically spent even before it was deposited to my account. While I may have limited income, I refuse to let this year fly by and not enjoy the fruits of my labor. Growing up is not easy but life experiences will either whoop your tail or make you into a better person. I prefer the latter myself. While being a single mother, independent, and stubborn I've learned learning to make the best of what I got. How do you still enjoy life on a limited income?

Here are my plans

2) Pay ALL of my bills IMMEDIATELY
Why waste more money and pay late fees. Dodging creditors is never a fun thing since I am not the nicest person when they call, I might as well meet my obligations so I won't ruin their day or mine.

3) Use your mileage wisely.
Ladies, have a beauty day. Instead of getting your nails done one day and then hair done the next. Set up those appts on the same day. For me, my beauty day is tomorrow. I plan on getting my nails done and my eyebrows threaded. Pics to come

4) Do it yourself
To minimize my stops to the salon, I am trying to do these things myself. I will admit that I am pretty hair illiterate but I am definitely learning how to recreate what my stylist does.

5) Have fun and have fun cheaply
If you love going out to eat, find ways to cut the cost. For example, I love restaurant.com. Purchase gift certificates for less. Don't be afraid to use coupons. Look through your local newspaper and see what coupons are available for the clipping. If you like going to the movies, buy movie tickets in bulk. You'll save $2 to $3 per ticket. Share the bill. Going out with your significant other? Offer to split the bill. If he is always picking up the tab, he may be less willing to go out.

6) Get in the car and drive
Road trips can be a lot of fun and a great weekend gateway all while saving money. Pack a picnic basket and some hiking shoes and enjoy mother nature.

7) Take classes
Look through your local craigslist or google local happenings. There are a lot classes that you could take, some inexpensive and a lot of them are FREE. I plan on taking some cooking/photography/yoga classes. I'll post when I've found some good ones to take.

Bottom line, while it's definitely smart to save, save, save make sure you take the time out to enjoy life. You live one life. There are no dress rehearsals, no manuals, and there definitely are not any do-overs. LIVE.LAUGH. LEARN!

My babies at Whole Foods at a cake baking class. Cost $10 per child

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