Room Renovation

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have several projects in works to get my room the way I would like.

My Closet
I am in the process of dewiring my hangers. I want to only have wooden hangers. All from the same company (Ikea). I want to say I am 60% wooden. That's a lot of hangers compared to amount of clothes I have. Since doing this, I have gotten rid of a lot of clothes that I don't want anymore. Here are a few pics of where I am trying to go

Photo source Habitually Chic via Flickr

I need to look out for something like this to house my scarves or I will put them in bins like displayed below.

I love how everything has it's own place. The color coordination and the weave baskets. I have too many shoes, so I am thinking to get rid of my existing dresser and get a bookcase to house my collection of beauties!

Photo source
Laura.Cattano via Flickr

I would like something like this, but of course not in my closet and without the glass shelves.

I am not sure where I saw this pic. Please forgive me for not tagging you. Owner contact if you want me to remove this pic

My bed and desk area to come....


laura said...

jajababy: glad i could give you a bit of inspiration for your closet redo... love the wooden hangers from ikea. check out my blog for more inspiration:

Anonymous said...


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