HELLO 2009!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am so excited. Why is it things magically change and people feel inspired to become a better person at the start of a new year? We all have those 10 thousand and 11 things we want to change or do different but seem to never manage to complete most of the tasks.

As I reflect on the old, a few things that I have accomplished:

1) Stamp of approval at the J-O-B
2) Rekindle my relationship with my best friend (boy I missed that chick)
3) The beau and I are stronger than ever...I hear bells-a-ringing
4) First plane ride in my adulthood (I know pathetic right)
5) First car payment (my baby.....nothing fancy but a '02 Honda Accord) by my damn self. No parents to co-sign or lend me money

Not the best but it's definitely something

(I got this idea from i'mnotreallyadiva )

27 Things to Accomplish in '09
1. Go to church consistently and get my life right with Mr. G-O-D
2. Spend more time with Mr. Man (my son)
3. Be a better listener and friend to my girlfriends
4. Create a budget and stick with it & pay off 75% of my debt
6. Finish organizing my room & closet
7. Create an emergency fund ($1000 to start)
9. Get a promotion or a 2nd job/hustle (whichever comes first)
10. Travel (D.C to start and then Cali)
11. Get more grown women clothes
12. Cook more
13. Volunteer more
14. Buy a CHI and fix my own hair (grow hair to shoulder legnth)
15. Take more pictures / buy a better camera
16. Don't go 2 to 3 days without blogging. YAY!
17. Look into refinancing my car
18. Run at least 2 5ks this year
19. Get a few more tats and piercings (i know kinda silly right-eh)
20. Create more memories with the beau
21. Learn to bake
22. Floss and brush before going to bed
23. Drink more water
24. Purchase really nice sheets and goose down comfortor
25. Keep up with beauty regemine and wear more makeup
26. Buy studded earrings
Purchase another staple handbag on sale of course

*Just added items in red*

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