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Monday, March 30, 2009

I have a really small bedroom. I think it's 10X10 and I have a queen size bed, so you can imagine that I really lack walking space. I only have 4 big furniture pieces in my room and I have decided to get rid of my extra large chest. I have had it for a long time and I will be sad to see it go BUT I decided to get a shoe bookcase instead - YIPEE! Getting rid of my chest has made me turn to my closet (which is a decent size) for storage space. While trying to come up with something clever, it hit me....HAT BOXES.

Like the few seen in Eva Longoria's closet

I love vintage hat boxes from the 1950's, you can mix and match the patterns to give it a chic look. I am currently bidding on 2 hat boxes on eBay.

My next closet purchase is a trunk. While I can't afford an antique Louis Vuitton trunk, I will look for something similar to store my off season items and extra blankets and such.

Photos via Google, Flickr, Fashionphile

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