My Beautiful City and My Atlanta Hawks

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My beautiful city - Atlanta

So last night the beau and I went to see the Hawks vs. Celtics. It was a fun evening. I took a much need half day vacation. The beau had to take care of homestead tax business, so I tagged along. I don't like being out in the rain but I had fun. Anyone that lives or ever been to Atlanta knows that the Phillips Arena is attached to the CNN building. The beau bought a sub from Blimpie and I sneaked it in my purse while going through the security check point to get into the game. LOL! Ghetto right. Eh, I don't care. The food prices at the game is ridiculous! Although we lost 99 to 93 I had fun. One of my "I've made it splurges" will be getting season tickets to the Hawks and Falcon games.

Phots via It's Just Ja

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