Goals for the Month - March

Monday, March 2, 2009

Today has been such a stressful day at work, that I almost forgot to write out my monthly goals. My February analysis seemed like I did not do well but financially and savings wise, I must pat myself on the back. Quick run down on my financial or lack of savings habit:

In the past, I lived check to check not because of my financial or lack of financial gains but because I chose to spend, spend, spend. I lived in malls and boutiques. I thrived on the sales reps knowing me by name and having my number, so they can let me know what/when the next deliveries were coming. My parents are not poor nor are they rich but they taught me not to get caught up in the credit card hype. They could have FINANCED that flashy car but my father preferred paying CASH for his and never dealing with monthly car notes.

Somehow, I retaliated against the delayed gratification teachings my parents instilled in us growing up and adopted the I MUST HAVE IT NOW philosphy. While I may have a closet full clothes and tons of shoes that I do not wear, my savings was obsolete. Once growing pains started whopping my tail, I had to learn it the hard. So on December 31st of 2008, I told myself I MUST SAVE. While, I still believe in enjoying myself, my main goals are save, save, save.

In January, I opened my first CD. I have 2 savings accounts going on simultaneously. So far YTD, I have managed to save over $500. That is NOT much but it is DEFINITELY an improvement. I remember a preaching my pastor preached a few months ago and also Dave Ramsey believe system is "Living UNDER my means." As hard as that is, that will have to be my motto this year. I am close to 30 (not really but I passed close to 20) and I have not been able to travel across the waters. I have not LIVED life like I should because I am too busy trying to buy the newest Louis Vuitton bag or CL shoe. While I will still buy them, I have to have my priorities in check....anywhoot with that long rant here are my March goals:

1) Health check ups, the gyno & dermetologist (my dentist appt is in April...that's crazy when it takes 2 months to see your dentist but they are GOOD, so I will wait I guess.)

2) Pay off 2 outstanding things on my CR (credit report).

3) Seriously start working out

4) Stick to only eating out on the wkends....try to cook more.

5) Throw son a birthday party

6) Go to
Stone Mountain Park at least twice this month and walk up the mountain.

.....to be continued.


Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Love your blog, great goals for this month. Have you tried zumba, it is exercise but you are dancing and it is lots of fun.
Let me know how it goes with the goals.

Jajababy said...

Thanks hun! No I haven't heard of it but it does sound like a lot of fun. I need to check it out. But yeah, come back I will post how my goals are coming.

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