iPod Touch

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She will soon be mine! I may have a crappy phone but this will totally make up for it.

  • Touch Screen capability
  • Bluetooth
  • Built in speaker
  • E-Mail
  • Nike + iPod
  • Youtube....plus so much more!

I am so psyched. I have my laptop and iPod Touch. All I need now is a Nikon D80 camera and I am SET!


J said...

I-phone is all that and a bag of chips. I had to switch to T-mobile because at&t got too pricey and I unlocked mine and STILL use it with T-mobile. I used to have a blackberry before. I've tried in the past few weeks to use my blackberry and it only lasts a few hours before i'm back to the Iphone.

Jajababy said...

Man. I want one so bad. Either an IPhone or the Blackberry Bold. I used to have the Blackberry Pearl but left Tmobile to go to Metro. It is such a humbling experience because Lord knows I HATE IT.

kay* said...

oh my gosh. you just named all of my gadgets!

last year i got my mac laptop. then at the end of the year i got an iPhone (best thing ever) and then for christmas i bought myself the nikon d80 (i was gonna get the d40 and my cousin called and told me his store was selling the last d80 to staff for CHEAPER than the d40! i jumped on it!!!)

you will love the iphone...and the d80

Jajababy said...


I doubt I will get an Iphone but I am so jealous! I know you are loving them right about now!

A Mac, Iphone and a D80! Man is your cousin still selling them for the cheap cheap, lol!

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