Checking My Priorities

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My girlfriends and I email each other regularly during the week because that is the easiest way of communicating with each other since everyone is so busy. My bff sent a very inspirational email today regarding keeping up with our goals that we made at the beginning of the year. One of the good things about my blog (for me at least) is that I create a "how am I doing with my goals" at beginning of each month. In a way, it really keeps me accountable of my goals. While I may not complete all of them, it's great to see them in black and white (or even colored texts).

Working out has been a big struggle for me. Growing up I was very athletic. I have an athletic build under all of the layers of fat. I played soccer and ran track in my younger years. It's really hard to remain active in an office environment where you have easy access to the snack machine and your co-workers constantly wanting to go out to eat after work. Over the next few months my plan is to really try to concentrate on working out again. My church has a step class that is beginning next week plus my bff and I are joining a boot camp come April. I am really excited. So that is a snippet of how I plan to achieve my weight loss goal.

If you made a New Year's Resolution or goals that you wanted to accomplish, really try to stick to them this year. Spread your goals out and do mini goals so that way it's easier to achieve that BIG goal.

For example: One of my main goals this year is to create an emergency fund between $1000 to $1500. When I first thought of that goal, I just knew it was impossible. I mean I have debt to clear, a school payment to finish, save for my son to travel this summer and the list goes on. But I knew since I don't have a credit card (yeah, me no have cc...I may reevaluate that later) I know an emergency fund is vital. So I created mini goals to help me accomplish this main goal. I am currently saving $150 a month. While that whole amount is not going toward my emergency fund, majority of it will. I have two accounts that automatically take money out each account bi-weekly. So to me, I hardly feel instead of transferring $150 from one account all at once.

I want to apply the same type of method to working out and being healthier. I haven't completely figured it out yet but I really enjoyed this post by Fabulous Financial who is changing her fitness lifestyle. Check it out here.

Hit me up guys and let me know if you had any New Years Resolutions and what are you doing to check off this resolutions this year. In order to be fabulous we have to have our priorities in check. Let's it done ppl!

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