Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello Blog World. This week has been quite post less. Between the busy work week and my impassable mood swings have prevented me from blogging. I guess we all have those yuck moments, where we are moody and snappy with a **** the world mentality. I am tired and need a job promotion but I guess just having a job is a "promotion" in and of itself. Eh....on to my post.

I used to have several designer jeans but since my excess weight gains ALL of them have ripped add that to my lack of losing weight = no jeans. So currently, there are not all of designer jeans now that come in my big girl size, so I put buying jeans on hold until I lose weight *rolling eyes at that statement*. BUT yesterday I went to Express AND GUESS WHAT?!!!! They had the boyfriend jeans on sale. Originally $79.50 but with 40% off and a 15% off coupon, I only paid $43.40!!!! Hold on, that's not even the exciting part....THEY FIT!

Why does getting a new item rejuvenate a woman? LOL. Something about getting a new item makes me feel like I conquer the world. Meet my running errands get up:

1. Express Boyfriend Jeans 2. Forever 21 striped button down 3. Armani Exchange belt - an oldie but I love this belt 4. Nine West 5. Forever 21 necklace 6. Juicy Couture charm bracelet

1 comment:

Licklemslady said...

super cute...the shoes and the jewelry are just my style also

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