Monthly check up

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monthly analysis:

February was not very productive in terms of accomplishing my goals/agendas. I cried more than I should have probably. Spent more than I wanted and probably gained weight (yuck). But March has to be different. I will be working from home, so that should be good! Can't wait to get things rolling!

1. Beauty day / Get my hair pressed.
I didn't get my hair pressed but did have a beauty day!
2. Working out Tues/Thurs/Sat for now.
3. Fix my brakes (carried over from last month)

4. Take more pictures.

-MEDIOCRE...could do better
5. Try to call my gfs at least once a week (except my her 2/3 x's a week)

Getting better but need to call more of them.
6. Take my son & sister out SEPARATELY for a date night.

NOPE....sorry boo if you read this.
7. Figure out what I will do for V-Day and my son's bday.

I bought the beau a gift card. Could have done better but there is our anniversary coming up to make it up.
8. Partially fix the son's room. Which includes painting, buying a bookcase and table (maybe even a tv or a computer). Buy myself some sheets and of course the Ikea hangers.

I finally bought some Ikea hangers. I did not buy anything else. I almost did but didn't have enough space to fit it in my car (I was witha group of ppl)
9. Start working on my side hustle.

Haven't started but I will start the planning process once I start working from home.

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CKUF said...

helo there. thank you for the comment.

i will add you in my blogroll. have a great week.

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